Wash Away The Rain: update

I wanted to write a brief post just to let people know that yesterday, Mother’s Day, went really well. I was able to get up and have a wonderful day with both immediate and extended family, and was also able to go shopping with X and go in to work late to make sure Online Non-Resident Registration went okay. The presents from my family were super fun (a white Hello Kitty watch and Lego Friends set were highlights) and while shopping I bought good gifts for Mom and SIL but also a few great things for myself and the girls too. A double labradorite cabochon ring; a t-shirt with Ohio on it and the phrase “OH How I Love You.”

Dinner with the extended family. I held my new niece Sophia longer than ever before; did not have to leave early; even went to the playground across the alley and kicked the sky, swinging, at my old elementary school. For that moment, for that day, just me.

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