Four "Medication Overuse Headache" Haiku

I had a rough draft written about how the Electric Cranium Stimulation machine did not work – that in fact, it seemed to injure me. That I went through most of my meds for the month fighting off the days of resulting headache. That I thought about how Dr T said that they no longer use the term “rebound headache” to avoid the thinking that once the patient is out of the cycle that it’s OVER. It’s not, apparently. Your nerves get damaged, apparently. Treat your daily pain, damage your pain sensors. Medication Overuse Headache.

The idea makes me so depressed I couldn’t finish the blog about it. I wrote some haiku instead, and they are as follows.

Haiku One


Eyes are old origami
Heart? Wet, ashy coal
Head of crumpled newspaper.

Haiku Two


Please give me my musty bed
Sheets, crumpled and worn
Pillow, pill. Drown me in air.

Haiku Three


How can I go on
Working, playing, parenting
If I don’t take meds?

Haiku Four


Can’t breathe, talk, or think
Moving too much hurts and so
I’ll just sit. And blink.

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