Medication Overuse Headache, BITE ME.

Since detoxing from NSAIDS, I’ve been really trying to be careful about over medicating, which is only an option since I’m not working. So I am supposed to ideally only medicate twice per week. Okay, that’s crazy, I’m just not there yet. So, I’m trying to only take Tylenol 2 days per week; Imitrex 2 days per week; and Percocet 2 days per week. Well I’m out of Percocet because of my last Imitrex rebound cycle. I took Imitrex yesterday, the day before that, and the day before that. Granted not in the quantities I used to, but still, as my headache stubbornly climbs above the Tylenol and SALONPAS pain patches and herbal remedy, I really hesitate to pop even a half imitrex. I don’t want to give up for the day, which I’d have to do to stay at this tolerable pain level. The imitrex would probably take it away, but would seal my rebound headache deal, which results in a day or two in bed using DHE injections and if those don’t break it, a trip to the doctor’s office for acute emergency treatment. OR, worst case scenario, a most likely demoralizing, time consuming, uncomfortable trip to the ER, where I would be judged first because of the migraine stigma, then as I state what works best assumed to be a drug-seeker and treated as such. Narcotics were given for nearly every pain complaint in every ER everywhere, chronic pain or broken ankle,

This is what it’s like to live with chronic migraine. How are we supposed to avoid medication overuse headache, which is what transformed me to daily in the first place. This is what takes you from the definition of chronic migraine, 14 or more migraines per month, to DAILY migraine. DAI-LY. Once you’re taking *any type* of medication daily for your headache, you’re done. So yeah, basically, you’re fucked.

I had to quit my job. Now, I have the option of just laying down / taking it easy / living with the pain for a couple days per week. The chronic migraine sufferers in my Facebook support group say “I couldn’t abort today.” What do we think of at the word “abort?” Popping a pill to get rid of the pain, nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, vertigo, vision and perception changes within an hour. For me it’s usually 40 minutes. IF the pill works. Sometimes it doesn’t, and you’ve wasted a treatment day and your anxiety and blood pressure shoot through the roof (on top of all your other symptoms) because you don’t know where your relief will come from and when. I could go off in a completely different direction here, but I won’t. It just sucks. Chronic Migraineurs know what I’m talking about.

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  1. What about when we can’t abort, period? When all abortive abortives do is dent our 24/7 misery? Ah, then we’re supposed to have ‘pain acceptance.’
    This life is such constant bullshit.

  2. *when all abortives do*

    1. I love you Selena. So so much ❤️

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