The Imak Eye Pillow Winner, Runners Up, & Lady Migraine’s Story

Here is the autobiographical story I wrote for “Migraine Discussions”: Election Day 2008

Migraine Discussions

Hello everyone I’m glad to announce that the participation was great in this first contest so I chose 1 grand prize winner and everyone else will get a sticker from me if they’d like one to show support for the website and migraine awareness!

The Grand prize winner is:


  • LadyMigraine of– who put out an amazing story for me to read and amazingly quite close to the deadline! Here’s her winning submission, trust me it was a difficult choice, but without further interruption the story:

Dear Michael,

The difficulty in choosing one episode from my life of migraine, for something like this, is to try to find one with a positive spin, or at least an interesting one. So I have decided to go with the following, even though what I see as positive from that night had nothing to do with the headache…

Election Day 2008

I moaned…

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  1. Thanks for such an excellent entry I thoroughly enjoyed it myself! Your eye pillow will be in the mail tomorrow, I really hope it helps even a little bit!

    1. ladymigraine says:

      I can’t wait to add it to my cupboard of migraine must-haves! Thank you Michael!

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