Disability Benefits Checklist

Disability Benefits Checklist

“Names, addresses, phone numbers, patient ID numbers, and dates of treatment for all doctors, hospitals, and clinics.”

Um, okay. Let’s see… I was diagnosed with Migraine by a Dr. Brown here in BG when I was 8. That would have been… 1981 or so, and he prescribed Fiorinal, I can’t remember if that was right away or later. That good so far?

ER, hospital and clinic visits? Probably over 100 in various hospitals here in NW Ohio, where I went to college in SE Ohio, and even NJ where I vacation. Over the past 25 years.   Maybe they only need the information starting with the time I would consider myself disabled, which would be my first (well, technically second) pregnancy in 2004.  Oh okay, so that’s only the past 9 years. More doable. But still…

Holy shit.

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  1. relovertigo says:

    Oh man. That is a whopper of a task. I would imagine that you would need to go back and request records from every doctor you can remember, then fill in holes where possible, with what you find in their records. The requirements for disability application are nightmarish, from what I hear, and most people who are successful use an attorney. And even then, they sometimes get turned down the first time.

    1. ladymigraine says:

      When my doctor and I talked about it, he said to definitely get a lawyer after being turned down once or twice. It seems almost no one is approved the first time, and I am also under 50 which is not helpful. However I have 30 years of history with this illness (including a major surgery and FMLA in the last three years), and I do believe that eventually they will give it to me.

      1. The Borg says:

        Wtf?! I can’t believe most ppl don’t get approved first time round! It’s so much easier here in Australia 😦

  2. jenusingword says:

    I need to go do all this like you told me in the past but I just haven’t. The things they make you do and ask of you is awful!

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