ER, Again

Asia is barking and anxiety yawning and upset. I am in my “Migraine Awareness” hoodie, pajama pants and heading to the ER myself once again. Waiting for my dad to take me there at around 6:15 pm. John thinks he’s getting out tomorrow, I think that’s too soon. They’re not even giving him any meds. I know I can’t take care of him in this state. So I didn’t lose my doctor, but I wasn’t able to get what I needed from him today either. So things are better, but they still suck? And I’m waiting. Like always, ER visits are like a box of chocolates… if chocolate weren’t such a terrible trigger for me. Or maybe, even more so because of that.


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  1. jenusingword says:

    Good luck honey! I hope you guys get back to where you need to be asap. Prayers. And I don’t even pray but I’m doing it just incase.

    1. ladymigraine says:

      Jen, you’re such a cutie! I seriously love you. I believe that the great invisible force is out there, but that it’s not “god” so to speak, so I’m kind of agnostic but I have been asking for prayers right and left this week. I got good treatment at the ER, but have a headache again this morning, hoping against hope I get my Percocet filled today and that everything goes the way it should for john. Thank you for sending so many positive thoughts my way. Right back ‘atcha, Babe!

      1. jenusingword says:

        I’m convinced that you and I are kindred spirits so far. I’m agnostic too. I sure hope everything goes your way today, dammit, you deserve it- both of you! Hope John is better too. I have grown to adore and love you so much, you are the cute one! Damn that headache you have today, I wish I could help! I’m thinking about you! xoxoxo!!! Kiss, kiss!

  2. Hope it’s a better day for you!

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