ER, Again

Asia is barking and anxiety yawning and upset. I am in my “Migraine Awareness” hoodie, pajama pants and heading to the ER myself once again. Waiting for my dad to take me there at around 6:15 pm. John thinks he’s getting out tomorrow, I think that’s too soon. They’re not even giving him any meds. I know I can’t take care of him in this state. So I didn’t lose my doctor, but I wasn’t able to get what I needed from him today either. So things are better, but they still suck? And I’m waiting. Like always, ER visits are like a box of chocolates… if chocolate weren’t such a terrible trigger for me. Or maybe, even more so because of that.



6 thoughts on “ER, Again

    • Jen, you’re such a cutie! I seriously love you. I believe that the great invisible force is out there, but that it’s not “god” so to speak, so I’m kind of agnostic but I have been asking for prayers right and left this week. I got good treatment at the ER, but have a headache again this morning, hoping against hope I get my Percocet filled today and that everything goes the way it should for john. Thank you for sending so many positive thoughts my way. Right back ‘atcha, Babe!

      • I’m convinced that you and I are kindred spirits so far. I’m agnostic too. I sure hope everything goes your way today, dammit, you deserve it- both of you! Hope John is better too. I have grown to adore and love you so much, you are the cute one! Damn that headache you have today, I wish I could help! I’m thinking about you! xoxoxo!!! Kiss, kiss!


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