The Migraine Diaries: Prologue [2014]

At this point in my life, without assignments or deadlines, I can only write what I know best. Recently I find it easier to chronicle my headache history, which is firm and rooted, rather than hashing over my still painful and uncertain present. I have fictionalized by renaming, combining, and filling in, but never exaggerating. For my own convenience (but with annoying difficulty!) I have moved these chapters from a separate blog page to individual entries. Thanks for reading; and as always I am grateful for your patience and understanding.


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  1. Reblogged this on lady migraine 365 and commented:

    As J and I are entering a new chapter of our lives, on our miracle Zo’s sixth birthday and possible dawn of financial solvency, I was named one of the seven migraine blogs to follow in 2015 by a new migraine tracker app named Migraine Buddy (currently only available for Android). The thing is, as most of you know I haven’t been very active, and Migraine365 has been in suspension. So you know what? That period of inactivity is over. And I am taking that momentum and launching my Migraine Diaries on Kindle, available as fictionalized memoir-style short stories, based on my experience, starting with what is posted here and expanding significantly. Stay tuned!

  2. kcg1974 says:

    Happy Birthday to Zo with empathy to you!

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