#MHAM Photo Challenge, Day 23: Nature


While I do love a nice hike in my local nature preserve or even just sitting in my beautiful backyard, by far my favorite form of nature, and the most soothing to me, is the ocean. Other forms of nature might be headache triggers due to odors; strong, tree-filtered light; and allergens like pollen. But other than the light and glare which are hard to avoid no matter where you go, the beach always relaxes me. It is where I go when I meditate, when I need to remove myself during extreme pain.

I was lucky enough this past week to get to enjoy Cape May, New Jersey again with my extended family. It’s where J and I were married in 2001. Last year I was barely able to leave our air conditioned bedroom due to a year-long extremely bad bout with pain; in fact I had to go to a nearby ER twice. This year I avoided that fate, though we did have to stay in a motel one night because of our house not being air conditioned, and I did miss a lot. However I was able to enjoy the ocean, and take plenty of pictures.

Until next year….

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  1. These pics are so soothing! The beach is my favourite too. Wish I could be there now. In bed with a #8 steadily increasing to #10 :(.

    1. ladymigraine says:

      Oh so sorry! I’m in Ohio and the weather is rough for migraine here today. I had a great dr visit though and am feeling ok now. Will keep my fingers crossed you improve soon!

      1. Glad you’re ok. Looking forward to the day when we can all say “Great!” without our migraine disclaimers :).

        And thanks. Hubby’s preparing dinner, will bring ice pack and rest of survival kit soon :).

      2. ladymigraine says:

        Gotta love supportive partners šŸ™‚

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