#MHAM Photo Challenge, Day 30: Gratitude


Today for the last day of Migraine & Headache Awareness Month, Diana Lee’s (somebodyhealme.com) Photo Challenge Prompt is “gratitude.”

I selected a photo of the people for whom I have the most gratitude, who help me the most on a nearly daily basis in fighting my illness.

My mom and dad have been fighting for me and helping me since I was very small, figuring out what was going on before I could even speak, taking me to doctors and specialists, rubbing my head and comforting and medicating and listening and financing. To this day, they still help financially, assist at appointments and the Emergency Room, and provide frequent childcare when I am confined to bed.

My partner, J, has been taking care of me since we first started dating in 1999, when he was only 18. He has dealt with the in-your-face realities of migraine disease extremely well, nearly every day: having to do more than his share of household duties, comforting me and coming to appointments, keeping me calm during unimaginably severe pain, cleaning up vomit, giving injections, making phone calls, advocating for me, and maybe most difficult, handling depression and hopelessness. He is an amazing father who makes sure our girls are happy and healthy.

I wouldn’t be able to cope without their constant unconditional love and assistance. Thank you.


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