Social Security Situation


So I forgot about another very important thing that happened yesterday! Monday night I finally took a close look at the Benefits Letter I received from the SSA about my SSI. I had been told on the phone that I would be getting some back pay from when J was unemployed, but nothing in the future due to J’s wages. When I looked at the letter though, I saw they’d estimated his future wages as $100 TOO HIGH. Really?! $3800 gross? Not even close.

I looked at May’s paystubs and realized there were 3 of them, as happens a couple times per year when one is paid every other week. But it seems they’d used that amount to estimate future earnings. I called and left a message for my case worker, and she called the next morning. Officially, no mistake was made. They count the pay when it is received, not earned, and they have to use the last documented month to estimate the next month. But that isn’t accurate.

I rushed in to the office with June’s paystubs and was told I’d receive benefits soon. I will get them, $721, every month that has two paychecks. The next three paycheck month is in October. This takes a huge amount of pressure off, and I am thrilled.

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