Food Stamps

I got a letter from Job & Family Services informing me that I am to call in for my phone interview tomorrow for my SNAP application. Also, by August 14 I have to turn in all of the following:
-Birth certificates for all of us
-Social Security cards for all of us
-Our marriage license
-The deed to our house
-Mortgage payment receipts
-Proof of my disability/ medical costs
-Health insurance cards
-Titles to the cars
-Utility bills for electricity, gas, phone
-Proof of residency
-Bank statements
-4 to 6 weeks of paystubs

This is more verification than I needed for Medicaid and Disability. This is insane. The paperwork involved to acquire government help is beyond understanding. And people think this is easy? That some families are scamming the government? NO ONE would go through this humiliation if they didn’t have to. NO ONE would put themselves through the work involved if the money were there to pay for health care and for food.

I don’t want to do this. But I want to be able to feed my daughters. This sucks.


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    1. ladymigraine says:

      Thanks, Venus. You guys too.

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