I am in a terrible mood. My head has been lurking in the 3-4 range for days, not enough to even lie down with, but enough to hurt. Enough to make every job, every trip back and forth to Zo’s nature camp or the store or the dog park, every run of the dishwasher or preparation of meals utterly exhausting. Enough to make me unable to take the girls’ fighting, the dog’s whining. I go to bed early and when I wake up, I just want to stay in bed.

I had my phone interview for SNAP, Ohio’s food assistance program. The lady was very nice, and it was a painless process. We are eligible for $78 per month in assistance, which will help.

But my mood is still sour. I really miss seeing people, putting make-up on, feeling good about myself, chatting about the weather or city politics or just someone ELSE’s problems. I am permanently stuck in lonely sad land, my only friends those I talk to on Facebook or Twitter. It’s like I’m just better enough to miss a real life.


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  1. emilyannab says:

    I know what you mean and I hate days like that. I feel like I’m moving through fog, trying twice as hard, and the pain is more annoying than anything else. :/ Hopefully things get better?

    1. ladymigraine says:

      I will be happier when I get my pills refilled. As always, I went through them too fast. And Percocet is perfect on days like this, since they don’t work on the real bad pain anyway…

      1. emilyannab says:

        Yeah, that sucks, I hope that’s sooner rather than later. The vicodin doesn’t get close to touching anything over a seven but they work on anything below and they usually improve my mood as well, haha.

      2. ladymigraine says:

        Remind me why you don’t take triptans? Percocet or Norco (like Vicodin but less acetominophen) is a 4 or below. Imitrex works up to a 7 and I have injections too that work sometimes up to a 9. Usually triptans are step one? Even john has imitrex. Bad rebound from it but what doesn’t cause that??

      3. emilyannab says:

        They never gave me any triptans. Vicodin is the strongest thing they give me. I’m not actually sure if they believe I’m having migraines or another headache disorder. I was first diagnosed with tension headaches so they gave me a slew of muscle relaxers. The second neurologist believed it was intercranial pressure, hence the spinal tap and a bunch of pressure relieving medicines (diamox and zonegran). The only reason I have vicodin was because I pretty much begged for it after I told him it worked for my wisdom teeth. I have nasal zomig which gave me an even worse headache after taking it. I also have cambia and migrainal (another nasal spray). I’m hesitant to take the nasal sprays because of the I get a bad head rush, it drains down my throat and only adds to the migraine pain.

      4. ladymigraine says:

        Okay, well zomig is a triptan. Migranal is DHE which is an ergot. Never take a triptan within 24 hrs of ergotamine. Ask your current dr if you can try plain old sumatriptan pills. I agree about the nasal sprays. I hated Migranal. If you’re not having migraines what in the hell ARE they? They’re migraines. You need to be getting some better care. 😦

      5. ladymigraine says:

        Okay I am really pissed off on your behalf right now Emily. I want to come and be your advocate. Photophobia like you described in your post today? Migraine. What is WRONG with your doctors??

  2. emilyannab says:

    I meant, they never gave me triptans *at first*. When my migraines first started, it was a stabbing pain in the back of my head a lot of the time and a dullache the rest of the time.I didn’t have any traditional migraine symptoms. So they weren’t migraines, they were headaches. It wasn’t until more recently I developed other symptoms – sensitivity to light, sound, smells, dizziness, nausea, aphasia, etc, etc. I have tried topamax in the past and I absolutly hated it, I was a zombie. I am getting better care (Jefferson) but I have to wait until September for it. :/

    1. ladymigraine says:

      Topamax is terrible. I can’t really take any of the standard preventatives. But any dr should be able to prescribe sumatriptan tablets for you; you shouldn’t have to go to Jefferson for something that simple. I just feel bad that you’re in this much pain every day when something that simple really should work. They at least should TRY! You shouldn’t have to wait until September for some damn imitrex after everything you’ve been through. 😦

      1. emilyannab says:

        Yeah, I don’t know. I’ll ask my doctor next time I see one of them. It’s really awful to say but I’m use to it, I’ve learned to function like this. We’re so strong to put up with this everyday. I’m going to need something when school starts up again. I’m going to go the first three or four weeks of the semester without anything stronger than vicodin.

      2. ladymigraine says:

        You shouldn’t have to function like that. Ask. A quick Rx of sumatriptan tablets would be super easy. Way way different than zomig nasal. I would even call before your appt.

      3. emilyannab says:

        All right, I definitely will. Thank you Elizabeth.

      4. ladymigraine says:

        Yay!! Thank you. I just hate to know some of your suffering could be relieved. You should have sumatriptan and Vicodin at your disposal! Let me know what happens.

  3. migraineuse says:

    Loving the migraine solidarity here, ladies! 😀

    I’ve been taking topamax for a while now, I still get a shit-ton of migraines but the dial is turned right down on the pain which is a significant move forward for me – the last few medicines I tried did nada. Also now I’ve been on it for a while I can entertain the idea that if I come off it one day I might actually have been a genius all this time 😉

    1. ladymigraine says:

      Wow, SO happy for you that Topamax is “working”! What a huge victory!! And thanks, yes, we all need to stick together! ❤

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