365 Days Of Migraine: writing edit

J is an excellent writer as well as a visual artist and musician. He alone created the text to go along with the images he sketched and painted for the squares shown in my last post. However, I am the editor, the fixer as well as the sufferer, and here is my version of the migraine poetry he wrote last night. Also, I will include an image of the piece as a whole to show the way the squares work together as in a graphic novel or comic book.

1. It always seems a bit different. There are similarities of course, but each is unique, like seashells of the same species. Every headache brings a crisis of varying severity, and must be dealt with on a daily basis.

2. They grow, shifting and undulating like jellyfish, before shrinking back to nothingness and shadow.

3. [No text]

4. And yet, beneath the surface trauma, beyond the emotional impact and debilitating nature of MIGRAINE, there is beauty. It is a force that modern medicine cannot tame.


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    1. ladymigraine says:

      Thanks! Everything he has done so far is all rough, but I really like it. He gets it. I am very lucky.

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