365 Days of Migraine: Introduction


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08.19.14 | introduction | [journal] It always seems a bit different. There are similarities of course, but each is unique, like seashells of the same species. Every headache brings a crisis of varying severity, and must be dealt with on a daily basis. / They grow, shifting and undulating like jellyfish, before shrinking back to nothingness and shadow. / And yet… | Pain score: 7/10, stabbing left eye, nauseous | Pain score: 4/10, burning on left forehead. | Sometimes it gets higher than 10… rarely… but it does… migraines like those exist off the pain scale. Sometimes… migraines like those can persist… and become something entirely more than PAIN Something terrifying / something you have to get to the other side of. | Pain score: 6/10, behind right eye, panic, nausea | …beneath the surface trauma, beyond the emotional impact and debilitating nature of MIGRAINE ~ there is beauty. It is a force that modern medicine CANNOT tame ~ | 365 Days of Migraine is an ongoing graphic novel documenting the effects of migraine on elizabeth and her family. |


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  1. Nicely done. Does J. use watercolors to do these?

    1. ladymigraine says:

      Yes 🙂 I take photos of the day, and he traces them using the projector and fills in the rest.

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