365 Days of Migraine: Days 2 & 3

J now has a website set up for the book project. Please check it out! You can enter your email address for periodic updates.

08.20.14 | Day 2: “back to school” | morning: Levothyroxine, Protonix, vitamin (1-A-Day Energy), Gingko, Ubiquinol, Feverfew | the morning started well. first day of school. kids dropped off. nap.| noon: magnesium citrate, apple cider vinegar, fish oil | Skipping lunch, sitting in hot classroom… | evening: magnesium, apple cider vinegar, fish oil | ended the day with an Imitrex injection. | bed: fish oil, melatonin, calcium, Cymbalta, Periactin |


Actually, I don’t think I took a nap, and only X had her first day of school, so Zo stayed with me. Zo’s first day of kindergarten was today, but Wednesday we had her orientation and I did accidentally skip lunch. And the classroom was hot.

08.21.14 | Day 3: the bat|at 3am elizabeth woke and found 2 things. a bat in our bedroom, and a migraine in her head.| It was a struggle… all day. Bed. Imitrex. Pain. This one started on yesterday’s page. | Another imitrex injection. Water. Frustration. Dull. Grey. Pain. | Bed. Heating pad. Night pills. Goodnight elizabeth. |


I am going to be doing the writing on the pages, when I feel well enough. I am so glad I was able to take Zo to school today. It would have been devastating to miss that. And my birthday tattoo, which I did have to cancel, was able to be rescheduled quickly which is more than I dared hope. It is Wednesday, the day after my next appointment with Dr Mitzi – the nurse practitioner this time. On Monday, Dr. S gave me a referral to a new neurologist, recommended by a good friend. Dr H is at the same facility where my very first neurologist practiced. I don’t have an appointment set yet, but this definitely feels right.


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  1. Guess I’m not the only one waking up to a bat in the bedroom and a migraine add to that after falling back to sleep a night terror with aura and floaters that looked again like the bat flying right at my face pretty sleepless night.

    1. ladymigraine says:

      Bats in the bedroom are no fun. Talk about a living nightmare!

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