365 Days of Migraine: Day 4 “postdrome”

I guess I forgot Day 4, which makes sense, considering that it was about the postdrome brainfog.

Here it is:


Here is a close up of the journal page:


Text of Page:
08.22.14 | Day 4 “postdrome” | journal page: Postdrome – “I lost my head in San Francisco / Waiting for the fog to roll out…” Eyes blink open… ugggh… I can’t move. Shadow pain weighs me down and I tell J I can’t get up yet. The fog has descended, my brain is cloudy, my limbs heavy… I sleep. I’m confused. I have to take Zo to school, it’s her first day of kindergarten. It seems impossible. My stomach growls impatiently. When did I eat last? I can tell I’m dehydrated too. Do I have any imitrex left? Did the dog get taken out? I pull the covers back up to my ears and drift. In limbo. I have to get up. I don’t want to get up. “I’m just trying to find the bridge / Where’s that confounded bridge.” |

And a bonus picture of the kitten:


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