365 Days of Migraine: Day 6 “eye to eye”

Here is yesterday’s 365 Days of Migraine piece:


Text of Page:
08.24.14 | Day 6 “eye to eye” | journal page: Sundays are for being tired. X wanted to go to the pool, the first time in years the pool is open after school starts. But I just couldn’t. I’m so exhausted. J had to work, and then practice. The girls and I played on devices, read, ate pizza, watched Frozen. I think working on this project helps J understand me better. We ended the week eye to eye.|

I was so grateful for imitrex this morning. Woke up from a vivid dream, and like always when that happens, I had a bad headache. It was at least a 7, and normally I would have gone for an injection, but I hadn’t picked them up yet from the pharmacy, so all I had was a tablet. And it worked. 7 to 0 in 30 minutes. When you think about it, that is fucking incredible.

And it’s fall. Both girls are in school. Tomorrow I have my appointment at Pain Management, with the nurse practitioner this time, so I hope that goes okay. I had been hoping for my refill by Wednesday because I rescheduled my tattoo appointment – over scar tissue, on my ankle – OUCH. But if they stick strictly to the 30 days I can’t fill it until Thursday. I am just so grateful to have Percocet back… grateful grateful grateful. It feels good. 🙂

Zo with my babyhood teddy bear on Saturday:


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