365 Days of Migraine: Day 7 “bad start –> good finish”

Yesterday I woke up with a bad headache and easily vanquished it with one Imitrex tablet. This morning, my similarly bad headache took TWO Imitrex. I am not shaking it off so easily today. I had my appointment at Pain Management, with the nurse practitioner this time, and was very nervous as she examined my file and said “I’m surprised your neurologist allows you to take Percocet.” I nodded, non-committal. I got my prescription but sweated it. I have a referral to a new neurologist and just need to call them.

Here is yesterday’s 365 Days of Migraine page:


Text of Page
August 25 2014 | Day 7 “bad start –> good finish” | Migraine365 | panic: “Crap not again I hate waking up like this… no injections FUCK! | relief: “Thirty minutes… wow… one imitrex tablet and now I can get up… okay X to school… breakfast… the day. Monday.” | rest: “sigh… still tired… but all is well” | the comeback: “I love my life.” | journal page: “I am really so grateful for imitrex. 20 years later, it is AMAZING to me that I can wake up in the throes of head pain that registers a 7 on my pain scale, take a simple tablet with my morning meds and soda, and be virtually pain free within 30 minutes. Yep, still pretty much the miracle old Dr Mather promised when I was hospitalized at 18 and he whispered the magic word in my ear, the first drug developed just for migraine, coming soon: ‘Sumatriptan.'”

Thank you for reading, following, my blog by the way, and the 365 Days of Migraine project. Your support means everything.

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  1. sumatrippin says:

    I also experience chronic migraine & just discovered your blog. Is this your art work? I’m really enjoying it.

    1. ladymigraine says:

      “Sumatrippin”!! Ha ha haaaa 🙂 Thank you for your kind words, it’s actually my partner who does the drawing and water color, and I usually do the lettering and writing. We’re really excited about the project and hope to publish it as a full length graphic novel, one page for each day. It’s on a separate website as well: http://www.migraine365.weebly.com.

  2. sumatrippin says:

    My partner came up with the name because I always get so happy & philosophical when I take Sumatriptan, haha. Thanks for the link, it’s a really good project and such a nice gesture of support from your partner. Good luck with it ❤

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