Day 12: |some days are normal|

Here is yesterday’s Migraine365 page:


And a close up of the journal page, about Alice In Wonderland:


Text of Page:
08.30.14 | Day 12: {Some Days Are Normal} | Migraine365 | Zo and X played with their Furbies outside | elizabeth had a low-level weather migraine all day.| X was sick with a cold and rested & played all day. | The trees were blowing all day long. 50 mph wind. Sunny. 84. | journal page: “We watched the original Disney Alice In Wonderland. I learned recently that while Lewis Carroll did suffer from migraines, he hadn’t yet, supposedly, when he wrote Alice. Still, the migraine-associated size confusion/ hallucination symptoms were named “Alice In Wonderland Symdrome.” I can’t believe I’d never seen it all the way through! It was amazing. Zo was very creeped out but X loved it.”

X is having a friend sleep over for the first time tonight, which feels like quite a milestone. Because of my illness and some aspects of our (small, one bathroom) house, I get anxious about the girls' friends being here, but it's way more important to me to help X enrich her relationships than to give in to insecurity about social class, especially when I normally don't give two hoots in hell and take pride in being the "hip," different mom. (Of course money would be helpful, but if I had some, my house would still probably look like this.)

So X and M are upstairs in their pajamas, playing with their Furbies, X's cool day bed pulled out to make two single beds side by side, for the first time. Zo is down here with J and me. I don't know if anyone will be able to sleep upstairs tonight.

Tomorrow is my brother's and my joint birthday party family gathering, which is going to be at their house rather than my parents'. I'm looking forward to it and hope we're all feeling well.


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