Day 15: F E A R

| The fear begins with aura. As soon as the floaties begin, those nefarious clear squiggles, my stomach tightens and the “what ifs” start. What if I miss the medication window? What if I choose the wrong medicine to take? Do I have enough? Mentally check through supply… and decide what to take. Figure out as well what I need to eat / drink. Lie down or keep going? KIDS, STOP FIGHTING. Wait did I take it yet? Nope it’s still sitting there. DOG STOP SQUEAKING THAT TOY!! Oh my gosh. Drink some water. Apply Salonpas patches to head. Take deep breaths. When is J getting home? What is my pain number? Do I have plans later? Should I cancel them? The pain is at a 5… and falling. Phew. But I realize… the fear doesn’t start with aura. It starts as soon as I wake up in the morning. |



4 thoughts on “Day 15: F E A R

  1. Words cannnot describe how much I love this post Elizabeth. It captures the fear, at least the fear I know I experience when it comes to migraines. You nailed two things right on the head, fear during those few pain free moments and the fear of medicine losing effectiveness. Excellent post, my favorite so far.

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