Day 16: J’s Uncommon Migraines

Yep, my partner and caregiver gets migraines too. He got one yesterday. He’s one of those people who can’t take imitrex, because it makes his chest hurt. There was a night last year he was convinced he was dying. So, J just has to wait them out. Last night, he felt better after vomiting, but it doesn’t always work that way…


Text of Page:
09.03.14 | Day 16 “J’s Uncommon Migraines” | Migraine365 | elizabeth rested after dropping the girls off at school… a small respite from constant pain. | while driving home from work, I began to experience a migraine from sun & lack of sleep. | When I got home I threw up. Pain eased… grateful this only happens once in a while. “I only get a couple migraines a year. Mine are different from Elizabeth’s. I throw up… the pain goes away. So glad I have it easy.”|

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