The 4 Days of Migraine I Missed Due To Migraine

365 Days of Migraine, Day 19: “The Black Swamp Arts Festival Part 1”


Text of Page:
|The Black Swamp Arts Festival fills the streets every September. This year, elizabeth was too sick to go. | The girls and I went down the first day; elizabeth stayed in bed… depressed, scared, sick. | The people gathered in the streets, listening to music, and eating, looking at art… and happy. | elizabeth rested at home in the dull gray cocoon of chronic illness.|

Day 20, “The Black Swamp Arts Festival Part 2” 09.07.14


Text of Page:
|The next day at the festival, elizabeth (not fully recovered) made it out with the girls and our friend Paul while I worked. | She made hats with X and Zo and then walked around a little bit. | There are 20 years of Festival memories behind the sunglasses. The last 2 have been the hardest. | The day ended with the anticipation of Zo’s tonsillectomy the following morning. |

Day 21, “The Tonsillectomy” 09.08.14


Text of Page:
|We got to Zo’s surgery early. It was dark, the moon was big.|Zo’s surgery went very well.| The stress of anticipation, the weekend, it catches up with you.| At the end of the day… the pain broke through. |

Day 22, “A Day For Beds” 09.09.14


Text of Page:
|Elizabeth was sick all day with a migraine / stomach flu and Zo was in a lot of pain, but eating & drinking. It was a day for beds. | X and I did homework and felt fine.|

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