Day 24: Mommy and Me, by X (age 9)

This is X’s first Migraine365 page, and she was very excited. We had a great day. I was feeling really well; we got our t-shirts going for the project; our new washing machine delivered; john got caught up on sleep; and we were able to unexpectedly buy food. X and I went grocery shopping together, which showed up on her page. Zo had a little bit of a hard day with still having a sore throat, but starting to get bored. It felt like the first real day of Fall. It was wonderful.


Text on Page:
09.11.14 | Day 24: “Mommy and Me” by X, Age 9 | Migraine365 | Friends | Today, I was able to take “X” to school. | Webkins | And, I was able to pick her up from school. | At Kroger | Reading at Bedtime

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  1. mariajay76 says:

    My son is 9 which is maybe why I find this beyond adorable. When is this book available for purchase? As a fellow migraine/ chronic pain sufferer, I would love to promote and support your art in my own small way.

    1. ladymigraine says:

      Oh that is wonderful! You can actually go to our etsy site and buy a limited edition print of this page and X will sign it for you! ( 🙂 We want the book to contain all 365 pages so that is a ways off. We also have t-shirts at Thanks so much for your support! ~elizabeth

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