31 Days of Migraine365 | “Information Overload”

Today has been a good day.

J and I both are feeling pretty triumphant about completing our first month of the Migraine365 project. We’re not quite sure exactly which direction to take at this point. Considering Kickstarter, or contacting publishers directly. At the same time, I feel like 365 pages of chronic illness is a bit much for an actual book. What we do know for sure is that we’re pushing forward. A page a day. 365 Days of Migraine.


Text of Page:
09.18.14 | Day 31: Information Overload | Migraine365 | Refinance the house. Call student loan companies. Go to work. Do the dishes. Call the debt collector. Out of pants. Wash some clothes. Walk the dog. Remain composed. REMAIN COMPOSED… 001101001100111010 | Blue sky and clouds on the drive to Otsego. | Remembered all meds for play practice. Costume needed tomorrow – skirt and white shirt. 10 pm – now all black and plaid flannel!! | Weather: partly cloudy, 68° | Pain score: 6 |

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