Pain, pain go away

Don’t come back another day


Since this headache started early Saturday afternoon I have taken many, many medications. I had a list here (just because it’s kind of fun), but am removing it because it worried my mom (“Mama Migraine,” I think that’s cute). Every time I have an intractable migraine, I take many varying drugs, frequently; and in all my years of shaking up my medication regimen in this kind of do-or-die situation I have never had a problem. As long as I’m watching my acetominophen intake for my poor liver, nothing I take is dangerous because I stay within the recommended dosage… it’s the frequency I sometimes flex to my benefit. Can you blame me? Extra Imitrex or the ER? I do always keep an eye on the possibility of Serontonin Symdrome. I did have that happen once, but it was from NYQUIL. The dextropromorphan put me over the edge. I had a bad cold. Even then, I did not have to seek treatment.

That said, I hope I don’t end up in the ER for the first time in nearly 4 months! I had really bad neck pain Friday, and this headache spread from my right forehead to my temple, behind my ear, the crown and back of my head, and back into the right side of my neck. Saturday night it switched sides and became forehead only, and now it’s back to its original location. This type of headache is hardest to get rid of. I’m going to dive deep into my zone now and meditate on relief.


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  1. Kelly Alive says:

    *Sending positive vibes your way* I hope you find some relief soon! It sounds like you’re doing everything you can and taking really good care of yourself! *Sending even more positive vibes*

    1. ladymigraine says:

      Aw, thank you Kelly! I super appreciate that. I don’t know what I would do without my online support buddies! {{hugs}}

  2. My neck is giving me a headache says:

    This is going to sound crazy, but sometimes I helps me. Lean forward and curl your back . Stretch your your neck by pulling your chin in as far as you can. Give yourself a double chin. Then run your fingers into the roots of your hair and pull your hair up like you are trying to separate your scalp. Pull all over and repeat the neck- chin thing. Sometimes it helps when nothing else does. I have a pinched nerve in my neck and sometimes I just need to get it to unpinch. Try at your own risk. I’m not a doctor.

    1. ladymigraine says:

      Thanks! I thought of you with this headache bc of the name of your blog, obviously 🙂 and yeah, none of us are doctors but we have EXPERIENCE. I am going to try this, thanks so much!! 💜

      1. My neck is giving me a headache says:

        Sounds like an occipital migraine. If you go to emergency ask for tramadol.

      2. ladymigraine says:

        I know my migraines aren’t occipital neuralgia, but can you get one or two occipitals per year when the rest are standard migraine w/ aura? It doesn’t hurt my neck when I move it, it feels good, and while I get the neck pain first when this happens, the head part of the pain still begins in the forehead. I also have a bit of Tramadol right now and it’s helping as much as anything else (keeping pain level from skyrocketing but not aborting).

      3. My neck is giving me a headache says:

        If tramadol helps it is nerve pain. Occipital headaches can hurt horribly at the base of your neck and behind your ears. Imitrex works differently. You can’t take imitrex and tramadol and the same time. It causes a syndrome. There is a warning on the tramadol package. You can have multiple headaches at the same time. Pain radiates. That’s why migraineurs turn off lights and block sound. Anything is possible.

      4. ladymigraine says:

        I am aware of the serotonin syndrome risk. The only time that’s happened to me was when I was taking Methysergide prophylactically as well as Zoloft; Imitrex, phenergan, sudafed, Tramadol, and then got a cold so I took NyQuil. The NyQuil seemed to be the final nail in the serotonin coffin. I didn’t need medical help for it and just kept an eye on my symptoms. Thanks for your concern though! I occasionally do have radiating pain and always have photo/phonophobia. I have definitely run the gamut – I was diagnosed at 9 and went chronic at 29 (I’m 41 now) so I know the drill. Have a great, low pain night! ~elizabeth

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