Days 34 – 39 | Charlotte’s Web & a hard week

I have been soul-dead this past week. So much so that I know I have to return to my original, higher dose of Cymbalta after so carefully and triumphantly decreasing to 30 mg six months ago. My headaches have been some improved, so my depression got
worse. That’s what happens. I don’t know if it’s because of the increased time I suddenly have, which is fairly empty; or if my serotonin just doesn’t know what the hell to do. Something has to be terribly wrong in my brain at all times, right?

Anyway, I have been hoping for a short period of adjustment, that I could wait this out, but it got so bad yesterday that I began the increased Cymbalta. I had to, for my family.

Here are the 5 days of Migraine365 I missed.

Day 34: Headache Season


Day 35: Charlotte’s Web part I


Day 36: Charlotte’s Web part II


Day 37: Charlotte’s Web part III


Day 38: Charlotte’s Web part IV


Day 39: Charlotte’s Web part V


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