*lady migraine 365*

The title of my blog was always kind of arbitrary.

I do use the word “lady” a lot, not at all to be proper, or to refer to myself as “a lady,” all fancy-like with my nose in the air. Rather, it was ironic slang, a fond nickname for female friends, sort of like the Ryan Gosling “Hey girl” meme except joyful and exuberant (and not with come hither eyes). “Hey lady!” I would say with a huge grin, back when I was working and hanging out and saw anyone at all with any regularity.

When I began on the Blogger website several years ago, my first choice would have been “migraine girl” which of course is being used by the esteemed migraine.com blogger and advocate Janet Geddis. I also liked “migraineuse,” a made up feminization of the term migraineur, but that is also being used, right here on WordPress, though the blog’s title is Open Letters On Migraine. The wonderful blogs The Daily Migraine and Kerry Smyres’ The Daily Headache used up that play on words. I couldn’t think of anything except to use my frequent moniker for others, and what friends and J had begun to call me as well, “lady.” But I hated the sound of “Migraine Lady.” So I ended up settling on LadyMigraine, all one word but with capitalization. I never loved it, calling up as it did Lady Gaga and Lady Godiva. It just wasn’t that… me.

And now, as of this past August, J and I are wholly committed to the migraine365 project, which is a blog unto itself, though a graphic one, with a page per day for a year depicting – in comic book style – how my migraines affect our lives. We feel so good about it, and are getting a lot of great feedback, and hope to publish when the year is finished. There is also a Migraine365 Facebook page and a Tumblr account, and my blog is linked on the website. This morning I thought, why not tie it all together even more? “365” tacks nicely on to the blog title I was already using. A mash-up name, but with spaces, which will allow me to use my normal preference for non-capitalization. And, as well, there is both a blog and a Facebook page already named “Migraine 365” which have not been active for a few years (we didn’t know about them when shortening our title from “365 Days of Migraine”), but still, for that reason I can’t cut the “lady” and I do want people who know that name to be able to find me. So lady migraine 365 is perfect. All me and all mine and linked firmly with J, and my family, and the project of my heart.


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  1. Elizabeth Roberts says:

    Beautifully stated.

  2. migraineuse says:

    πŸ™‚ I’ve been following your 365 work with enthusiasm and really like what you’ve been doing with it… As a blog I think the posts and images work beautifully and when you see it all brought together at the end of the year it will be very powerful. Nice one!

    1. There you are, lady! Now I can link to you! πŸ™‚ Thanks for commenting and for your very kind words. Your blog is wondeful as well and was one of the first I followed here! xoxo

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