Day 61: Constellations

In this piece, j beautifully illustrated and painted the night sky, adding “constellations” shaped like the chemical formulas of serotonin, sertraline (zoloft) and duloxetine (cymbalta). I thought it deserved its own entry.


I am still feeling dizzy, nauseous, and fatigued, and don’t know how I would have felt today even if I’d taken the right capsule this morning. Not great, I’m sure. Tapering off Cymbalta is not for the weak. Tomorrow my dad and I are driving up to MHNI to see about this study I might get to do – a double blind of one of the new CGRP drugs. My elementary school friend who is a research nurse there contacted me about it, and she’s been so nice and helpful. She said there is an “open label phase” at the end of where I would be guaranteed to be receiving the drug and not the placebo. I do have to stop taking periactin and my specifically-for-migraine supplements. I doubt I am allowed to blog about my experience with the drug, but I bet I can state the facts of my going.

I am very nervous and excited!

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  1. Michele De Jong-Kaiser says:

    Good luck with the study and the migraine management. I feel your pain. Every f*cking day. Our two kids are now 18 and 16 and I remember how hard it was when they were young. I can tell you, kids whose parents are chronically ill grow up to be awesome, sensitive, and empathic young adults. Mine also have a well tuned BS filter and a wicked sense of humor. I think some of that is a result of dealing with working around our pain and ups and downs.
    So, a gentle hug and a lot of encouragement went your way.

    1. Thank you so very much! I needed this today! 🙂

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