The Migraine Diaries: Prologue [2014]

As J and I are entering a new chapter of our lives, on our miracle Zo’s sixth birthday and possible dawn of financial solvency, I was named one of the seven migraine blogs to follow in 2015 by a new migraine tracker app named Migraine Buddy (currently only available for Android). The thing is, as most of you know I haven’t been very active, and Migraine365 has been in suspension. So you know what? That period of inactivity is over. And I am taking that momentum and launching my Migraine Diaries on Kindle, available as fictionalized memoir-style short stories, based on my experience, starting with what is posted here and expanding significantly. Stay tuned!

lady migraine 365

At this point in my life, without assignments or deadlines, I can only write what I know best. Recently I find it easier to chronicle my headache history, which is firm and rooted, rather than hashing over my still painful and uncertain present. I have fictionalized by renaming, combining, and filling in, but never exaggerating. For my own convenience (but with annoying difficulty!) I have moved these chapters from a separate blog page to individual entries. Thanks for reading; and as always I am grateful for your patience and understanding.


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