The Migraine Diaries on Kindle

Late last night, I completed my first short story for digital publication, a much expanded version of The Migraine Diaries Three [1981] already found on this blog. J used a picture of me at the age I was in the story and created a Migraine365-esque cover for it; I am planning to publish “chapters,” about one per month.

The Migraine Diaries #1: Diagnosis [1981] can be purchased here for $2.99. Please, if you have a spare $3 lying around today, download a copy, and help me promote it ~ increased awareness about migraine and chronic illness benefits all of us in the pain community. Plus, I think you’ll enjoy it!

I have been writing stories, mostly autobiographical, since I could hold a pencil. Publishing my writing has always been a dream I never thought I’d accomplish. I appreciate how easy it is now to achieve this goal with ebooks, though I myself still much prefer to hold a book in my hands. 🙂


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