The Migraine Diaries: Three [1981]

This is the chapter of The Migraine Diaries that I expanded and published on Kindle early this morning.

lady migraine 365

Scuffed brown shoes, slither-slap, slither-slap on the worn but clean linoleum floor as I wait anxiously for the nurse Dr. Brown said would be arriving shortly. I have what they called a “gown” on top but this is nothing Cinderella would even have worn to clean out Lucifer’s litter box. Blue paper, white ties. Which are tied. I start swinging my ponytails back and forth across my shoulders, enjoying the swish-swosh in time with the slither-slap still sounding from the floor. Woah the room is spinning. Stop that. My formerly musical shoes now press down firmly with tension and I grip the vinyl trim of the examining table. The movement of the world stops but the dark spots in front of my eyes don’t. Neither does the dizziness – for turning my head a few times? And okay there it was, the first foggy pain unfolding like a delicate flower…

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