A Tree Grows In Ohio

Today I ended up getting the worst headache I’ve had in months, severity-wise. I haven’t been sleeping well and didn’t make it to the girls’ joint birthday party.

And the dread and constant worry of poverty. Feeling really hopeless right now, and know my only job in the world is to make my children feel safe and happy through it all.

“Even the minstrels who came in the back yards and sang ‘If I had my way, You would never grow old’ were sad, too. They were bums and they were hungry and they didn’t have talent for song-making. All they had in the world was the nerve to stand in a back yard with cap in hand and sing loudly. The sad thing was in knowing that all their nerve would get them nowhere in the world and that they were lost as all people in Brooklyn seem lost when the day is nearly over and even though the sun is still bright, it is thin and doesn’t give you warmth when it shines on you.” ~Betty Smith, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

[Sheet Music from the early 1900’s, which I am archiving at the museum]

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  1. mrs hulbert says:

    today my oldest made a comment when he couldn’t get one of our old kitchen cabinet doors unlatched. “We need a new house,” he told me. “We don’t have money for a new house,” I told him. “You have to love the house we have.” “Yeah,” he said, “but when we have money we need a new house. This one is junky.” This after having taken the dreaded neurontin last night because i could not sleep because of the pain in my body; I couldn’t even get in bed because I couldn’t be still. and so i overslept, through five alarms, again. this time the boys woke me up for school. they were dressed and ready, hesitant to wake the sleeping beast. and i felt like the biggest failure ever. you are so not alone.

    1. Thank you. All those things you mentioned are going on here too, and my husband’s ptsd means he has insomnia too. He overslept and missed a client meeting. I’m still in bed, still exhausted. Thank you for sharing, and I think “You have to love the house you have” is excellent advice for all of us, but SO hard to remember sometimes. 💜

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