The Migraine Diaries #2: Election Day [2008] available now on Kindle

My second short story in The Migraine Diaries series is now available on Kindle! 

Link to The Migraine Diaries 1Diagnosis [1981]

Link to The Migraine Diaries 2: Election Day [2008]

I am really proud of this one. Writing about myself as an adult is much easier; I am able to use my own true voice much more. And, of course, the memory is much more recent.

J researched the sort of book covers that “sell.” We’ll see…

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  1. smashingthanku says:

    so proud of you guys for both the blogs and the kindle books. i am amazed at how you keep it up. so many of my “projects” get lost in the migraine fog, forgotten. or remembered but untouched. you are brave my woman. i strive for your dedication.

    1. It’s hard. We went for months without doing much. John kind of has a chronic illness too, with his ptsd, so it is definitely a challenge. When either of us is “flaring” it’s a no-go!! Thank you so much for your support ❤

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