Of course, the no-good, very bad migraine I got today, the first since Friday into Sunday, would have to be an 8. Requiring 2 Imitrex injections and a tablet and multiple muscle relaxers and Dramamine; twelve hours in bed; canceled plans; j calling in sick to watch the girls and take them to evening activities. And I really wanted to DO all those things. It couldn’t have hit Tuesday, when I was so depressed and wanted to stay in bed?

I always forget about the balance. That it’s almost “easier” to be sick every day than three days per week. At three days per week, you almost begin believing you can have a life, and you dare to make plans, to reach out. And then, inevitably, half those plans and ideas get ditched at the last minute when the monster does strike. 

What happened to my “take a pill and get on with it” headaches? I haven’t had one of those in a few weeks. The anxiety and depression seem to be lessening, but I’m certainly in flux here…. 




get up. Get the hell up now. Do something, make something, take a shower, your head is better. Listen to music. List some things on etsy. Contact friends.

Get up. Get up. Get up. On the third day she rose again.

Of Monsters and Men: Sloom

I’m so dumb I don’t even know how to imbed videos.  😦

Kenya’s Secret Grave, before being adorned with flowers, candles, toys, feathers, rocks, and pine branches