Hello, It’s Me

Today was the kind of day that inspires a return to blogging after a long hiatus. A day when new friends; your rapidly maturing children; and your caregiver/ partner all show how supportive, kind, and brave they can be on your behalf. And most of all, one of those days where you end up feeling surprised by your own resilience and strength.

In 40 years of severe migraine, today was one of the scariest incidents I’ve ever experienced. The headache (a severe stabbing fast-burner, double-sided and expansively spreading), mostly vanquished the day before, crashed back down upon me like a tsunami. Almost 70 degrees in mid December, taking antibiotics for a sinus infection, the hot, windowless, crowded conditions of our Nutcracker green room today were unbearable for me in my fragile recovery. (Zo has several roles this year in our dance studio’s annual production. It is time consuming and rewarding in the best way.) Once the pain topped 4, I had to make the decision to get Isobel out of there early. Sticky with sweat and seeing spots, my skin crawling, I asked a few of the “Nutty moms” sharing  backstage space with us for help finding a convenient exit and packing up. Everyone was kind, concerned, and  efficient. Then I threw up. 

To be continued… 



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  1. Stacey says:

    Oh honey. I’m so sorry to read this but so glad you can write about it

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