Ajovy Diary Day 1


Aimovig was a bust. I assumed that receiving double the dose I did during the clinical trial would increase its effectiveness, but no. I thought I was seeing some improvement in the first month; second month not at all; third month I developed side effects and had near constant head pain.

Fortunately, the Teva and Eli Lilly versions just came on the market as well. Apparently they are “biologics,” not drugs. The Ajovy and Emgality work by attaching directly to the CGRP molecule. Aimovig covers the receptor like a cap.

I was able to switch to Ajovy with a simple email to Dr D. Teva’s assistance program is the most extensive of the three: they cover it all for a year. I picked up the new medication last night. The little syringe is really cute.

The needle is incredibly tiny and the injection went perfectly. I felt the same sensations I did during the trial, and my head pain definitely got significantly better, another thing I noticed during the trial.

When I woke up this morning the pain was back, but less. I took 1/2 imitrex. Throughout my library shift today it continued to lessen until it was gone completely. I also feel like the bad taste I’ve had in my mouth for the past month is gone.

I’m going to plan to keep a diary here of my progress. Most days I will probably just indicate a pain number or good / bad.

I feel let down and guilty about Aimovig and my extreme positivity about it to everyone. However, I am still optimistic about Ajovy.

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  1. Kelly Alive says:

    Wishing you all the best! I haven’t tried the new meds yet because I’m nervous. I am interested in how it’s helping others though. Your blog is valuable! πŸ™‚ So sorry to hear that the first one didn’t work out. *Fingers crossed* for the new one!

    1. Thank you so much Kelly! Are you nervous about side effects, or getting your hopes up for something that might not work?

      1. Kelly Alive says:

        OOH, good question!

        I’ve been on the medication merry-go-round for 17 years and I finally took some time off to find out what my baseline “normal” is, without any daily meds. I still get a ton of migraine attacks, but I’m healing from the damaging side effects of past meds. πŸ™‚

        So I’m hesitant to try anything new at this point, although the side effects for these new meds seem minimal, and there is the hope of being a responder or a super-responder.

        We’ll see what happens! My doctors might talk me into trying it.


      2. I totally understand!

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