Ajovy Diary Day 2: Halloween

1:20 pm pain level: 3.

I woke up with very slight head pain, like the insidious constant headache of the past month was trying to reassert itself. It failed. I got the kids ready for school and some Tylenol / caffeine and Cherry Coke fixed me right up.

The library was miserably hot today, particularly in the picture book section. For the first time in ages I had to make a cold compress and keep it on my cart. Also, my library either a) loves Halloween or b) loves holidays in general (I bet it’s the latter) and I bet that is pretty common for libraries, based on the librarian stereotype? Is that unfair? They seem like teachers who like books instead of (or as much as, for the children’s librarians) kids. I scarfed down a Halloween donut at around 10:30. So between the heat and the sudden blast of sugar, it doesn’t surprise me that the pain pushed through the door. But it’s only at a 3. That’s still negligible. I am very low on imitrex, so I’m hoping I can wrangle it with more Tylenol and lying down with a heating pad until I go pick up the girls from school.

I will update again after trick or treat!

4:00 pm pain level: 4

I ended up taking 1/2 an imitrex. It worked fast and made me more tired than usual. I almost bailed on trick or treating because of the fatigue, but I pushed through.


A photo I found in the cloud of Zo. I think it’s a selfie.

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