Ajovy Diary Day 3

7:00 am pain level: 0

10:00 am pain level: 0

1:00 pm pain level: 3

2:00 pm pain level: 4

5:00 pm pain level: 2

9:00 pm pain level: 0

I felt unbelievably good when I woke up. I slept well, no nightmares. Getting ready for work I did not feel fatigued or depressed. It was pouring rain outside, literal cold November rain. But I couldn’t feel it in my head. I felt grateful we’d had a reprieve in order to trick or treat.

Today, my head didn’t start hurting until 12:30. Later than yesterday. And the weather. And Halloween candy. I managed to avoid imitrex until 2:15, and then I took a half. Pain went way down but didn’t go all the way away for a couple hours. I rested for a while. I’m noticing being very sensitive to light and sound during the mini attacks I’ve had. No nausea though.

So thrilled to be seeing results this fast. I have my pain management appointment tomorrow and there’s no reason it shouldn’t go well.

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