Ajovy Diary Days 4-11

I continue to wake up each morning feeling amazing.

It’s as though Ajovy gives me the opportunity to start every day like a regular person, with a full regiment of spoons, and a clear head and heart.

I definitely still experience migraine. I didn’t have a great weekend, needing to rest a lot and generally feeling low. But yesterday I realized that I had only taken two imitrex in the previous seven days: a victory to have actually been able to stay within the recommended dosing, although I believe I took four halves, which would be four headache days and too many treatment days, technically, but who’s counting.

Until yesterday, 50 mg of imitrex and 2.5 / 162.5 (half) Percocet were all I needed to treat any migraine symptoms. Yesterday though I felt weird after work, in an unidentifiable way. I decided not to sit through the first PTO meeting at the girls’ new school to make sure I could attend the evening’s author visit (Jane Yolen of “How Do Dinosaurs” fame). When pain crept up my half pills didn’t work and neither did full pills, completely. A large social event like a famous author reading / signing is something I need to feel very good to get through safely, and that wasn’t going to happen. However, my pain never got severe and honestly never went above a 4. It was similar to the effect of the Aimovig, but rather than flattened and lengthened, the migraine was just flattened. And shortened, as I woke up this morning feeling great again. The girls and John did get to go see Jane Yolen (X and Zo seeing her was my main objective) and I slept peacefully.

So I have missed an event I badly wanted to attend. However, I have been able to work every library shift since I started on Ajovy. I am noticing no negative side effects so far. Clear head. Clear heart. Moving forward.

Jane’s signature on our copy of ‘Owl Moon’

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