“Aimovig.” A drug developed just for migraine disease, the very first preventative: “Aim.” “Vig” = Vigor, what we will have more of, even if improvement is only 10-20%. Generic name: erenumab. Drug company: Amgen / Novartis, who are not paying me. Side effects: possible injection site irritation and constipation. Have you looked at the side…

I was inspired to do this today. “A Thank You to 21 Pilots for ‘Migraine'”

They gave us, the chronically misunderstood and underestimated, an anthem. It is nearly anonymous across the community that “Migraine” has become our theme song and rallying cry. As I listened to it again this morning with tears streaming down my face, I felt inspired to reach out and thank them for speaking their pain (I actually don’t know which of them has migraine disease or if either of them does) which helps to decrease stigma; and also for presenting us with both security blanket and super hero cape for our darkest moments.

Advocate Fail

Why couldn’t I just have arranged the whole trip on my own? Just me, wearing my big girl pants (or skirt, usually) booking a flight, knowing I could hail a cab and get to the hotel on my own? Then, after the conference, get back to the airport and fly home. That is how all the other advocates do it. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

Bulbous Basilar Bolstering

The reason I’m going with such a cringe-worthy title for this post is because I want all these entries to be easily distinguishable as a “story,” or thread with a beginning and end and therefore similar titles. This is the end. This purpose of this piece is to celebrate the extreme, positively overwhelming support I…