How will the Opioid Epidemic Affect YOU? Click here to find out!

Ha ha ha, the blogger types bitterly, with no laughter at all in her tone. Did you like that click-bait title? I disagree firmly with the term “epidemic” in reference to opiates considering how many people die in mass shootings (and NOTHING is done! Restrictions are loosening!); from alcohol; from car accidents; from cigarettes. I…

Not Bulbous Basilar but “Partial Voluming Artifact”

I’m sorry. I guess that’s the first thing I want to say. I’m sorry for scaring everyone so much. I’m sorry for getting defensive about people saying I shouldn’t freak out yet because “it could be nothing.” Because apparently, it was, exactly, nothing. I have written and re-written this entry in my head several times….

Dear Hospital CEO: a letter finally sent

Last year on March 1, I had an unexpected and devastating visit with the DO who had taken over as my primary care physician. She had done a lot for me: set up my first mammogram, referred me to an amazing pain specialist, and while I was in a CGRP study prescribed the other migraine…

The Meds of Medusa

As my neck is still horribly stiff and painful in a way that feels connected to the 9 day old migraine that was finally obliterated on the second floor of Wood County Hospital Friday morning at 10 am, I am sitting here thinking of the amount of medication it took to truly break it. In…

Mix Tapes: The Buckle and The 8th Floor, 1997 (20 Years Later)

I am going to add to this entry now. When I first wrote it, I was thinking more about The Buckle and writing for a more general audience, even though I was already discussing really personal things. I just didn’t want to get into the details of my hospitalization that followed. I just turned 44….

ER, Again

Asia is barking and anxiety yawning and upset. I am in my “Migraine Awareness” hoodie, pajama pants and heading to the ER myself once again. Waiting for my dad to take me there at around 6:15 pm. John thinks he’s getting out tomorrow, I think that’s too soon. They’re not even giving him any meds….

what i need

At Home:WaterGluten-free foodsFragrance-free soapsBio-Freeze Heating pad Cold packsPressure band“Migrelief” herbal/ vitamin tabs (feverfew/magnesium/vitB2)ExcedrinBenadrylSudafedCaffeine tabsIbuprofen UltracetXanaxImitrexZanaflexPercocetDHE (Dihydroergotamine) 1 mg ampules25G SyringesDarkQuiet In The ER:IV fluidsDilaudid – preferably 2 mgZofran or PhenerganBenadrylDecadronAny other painkiller, including morphine, will not work.Being treated respectfully is a plus.Not having to wait for 2 hours to be seen, while banging head on…