Medication Overuse Headache, BITE ME.

Since detoxing from NSAIDS, I’ve been really trying to be careful about over medicating, which is only an option since I’m not working. So I am supposed to ideally only medicate twice per week. Okay, that’s crazy, I’m just not there yet. So, I’m trying to only take Tylenol 2 days per week; Imitrex 2…

plus ├ža change

04.23.12Sigh of relief. My appointment with the attractive, young, and aloof Dr. “Manhands” went well. Even though he knew I would be seeing Dr. T in August, he still asked questions and put some thought into my situation. He asked whether I’d ever tried Lamictal, which is a mood-stabilizing anti-seizure med used off-label for migraine….