In The Eye of a Hurricane

I dropped my dance mom basket this week. The members of the youth theatre board on which I serve discuss wearing different “hats.” Because we are stage parents as well as administrative board members, we have to be careful to distinguish what role we are playing. If I am talking to another parent / board…

Flashback Friday

I stayed in bed all morning. Yesterday I had to give myself a Sumatriptan injection first thing; the morning before I’d needed to take a tablet. No migraine this morning, but maybe postdrome. In a sort of desultory way I scrolled through Facebook. I don’t always check my “On This Day” memories, but I did,…

Mix Tapes: The Buckle and The 8th Floor, 1997 (20 Years Later)

I am going to add to this entry now. When I first wrote it, I was thinking more about The Buckle and writing for a more general audience, even though I was already discussing really personal things. I just didn’t want to get into the details of my hospitalization that followed. I just turned 44….


I’ve been away. I’ve been busy. I have been active and involved and in less pain. I am in a play, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. I’ve begun volunteering at my local Historical Museum. I’ve been participating in a Chronic Migraine Study. I’ve been happy. I’ve been following the news. I’ve been angry and sad….